Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals:

Thanks-giving day occurs on the last Thursday of November (This year it is on 26th November) and is usually celebrated to  express their gratitude by having get together with families, eat food and spend time with them

The next day is known as the Black Friday. On this day, all the offline and online deals begins from early morning and sales made on that day will have a discount of 50% – 70%. In South India, we have one such month (Aadi month, the monsoon festival of tamilnadu), wherein all the products are being sold at huge discounts . 

Followed by Black Friday on 27th November, 2020 , we have Cyber Monday, wherein online deals for various softwares are given. In this page, I am showing you all the deals that are being offered during Blackfriday  to Cyber Monday.

I also suggest you that the deals that are provided here will be active only during that period and hence, if you have thought of starting a software based services at your place, buy it for an year or if it is possible, buy it for lifetime

The blackfriday for USA is on 27th November, morning 10:30 am. The deals will be pouring on from 20th November itself. Most of the software products comes with a refund policy of 7 – 15 days. So if you buy anything, try to quickly test it within 7 – 15 days, so that if you like it, you can continue or else you can ask for a refund. Check its refund policy first before buying the product. 

To purchase any software product, you should have an International Debit/Credit card. Don’t use RUPAY cards, as they do not support international payments. if you dont have any international cards, you can you RBL digital account to purchase these deals. To test it, you can first purchase a domain for Rs. 80/= from, so that you are sure that your card works properly in doing online transaction.


1. Dont click all the emails about black fridays, as it is possible that you may get phishing mails also. Only open those emails from the websites that you know

2. Do not make payments on such websites where there is no HTTPS:// at the beginning, since they could be scamsters too

3. Always purchase from trustworthy websites. Dont purchase anything from new comers, who have just begun a month before

4. Use a separate card for international transaction, and upon doing such transactions, disable that card from international transactions