Can Counseling softwares prevent the Bias while Counseling a Child

A good parent is a great counselor.  Parents can counsel their children more effectively than others, while teachers play a greater role in academic counseling. The art of counseling a child is more effective if the counselor is a good listener. Through active listening, rapport is built, trust forms and the speaker feels heard and understood by the counselor or listener. Most importantly, one should not be biased, offer advice, judge a person while counseling.

Help ! , My child won't Play Alone.

Some kids are just born independent. They play on their own when they’re barely two years old. They just run around the home and reach for the nearest tree branch, eager to climb to the top of the world without our help. Most children have a difficult time separating from their parents, even for a few minutes. Even if we ask them to play with their favorite toys, the parents will not be spared and will always be disturbed.  Some kids play independently with great concentration and loads of creativity, and others need a playmate or a parent to play with. To make them focussed on a given task, the task should be a passion for them, and hence a variety of tasks should be tried.

How does a child Learn?

There are three major schemas of learning as described below:

Behaviourism: is an approach to psychology and learning that emphasizes observable measurable behaviour. Learning takes place as an act, based upon external stimuli and the absorption of knowledge. This knowledge is the actions that we take and is not guiding us to take action (mostly mistaken). The learning is promoted due to repetition and positive reinforcement. Depending on the type of reinforcement ( positive/negative), the behaviour can lead to motivation / depression.

Explore your Child's Hidden Talents ?

Dear Friends,

Most of the time, we decide our child’s career by the marks he scores in exam and not by understanding what he/she is good in. Children are highly creative and have excessive energy, but if not used properly, their energies will get drained and hence they become frustrated, demotivated and become hyperactive in unnecessary activities.