This software can be used to promote your books/handicrafts. This software is a suite of 20 software tools useful for a Digital Marketer. The cost of this entire suite is $1397 for lifetime version. 

These tools are currently offered FREE for all. You can register initially and get some FREE benefits:

1. You can create three websites for lifetime. This could serve as a landing page, so that you can describe about your books/landing pages.

2. You can connect these websites to an email list, so that you can send e-mails to 500 subscribers at a time

3. You can display your products in the CART like how Amazon does it, so that an user can purchase it.


Apart from this, you can promote this tool to earn an affiliate commission in two ways:

1. Without Investing on the software: If you REGISTER now by clicking the button below, you become an affiliate and for every sale that happens through your affiliate link, you get paid a commission of 20% of $1397, which is $279 = Rs. 20,677/=

2. By purchasing the software: If you purchase the software and any sale that happens with your affiliate link, will earn a commission of 40% of  $1397, which is $558 = Rs. 41,354/=

The affiliate link for the software can be obtained as shown from the video.

Investment:  ZERO

Marketing Model: Affiliate model

Earnings: Nearly Rs. 20,000/= for every sale.

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