Skillsets of a Teacher


Teaching is one of the noblest professions, and the teaching community is the least paid community in the world. A few of us earn an extra income / passive income is by doing some part-time jobs like working for a coaching institute/handling home tuitions. Thanks to the pandemic, that some of us here are getting used to taking online classes too. Teaching being a respectable profession, teachers do not earn as well as most other professionals. The reason behind it is, We teachers do not understand our potential. 


Any individual in a community of teachers, not only teach but also control the children, discipline them, review textbooks, Counsel students, recommend courses, install and test software for finding bugs in them, update ourselves as a life long learner to acquire skills, be a patient listener, trip advisor, photographer, action taker, team worker, conduct research, surveys, make comparative statements for furniture, help create charts/crafts etc. Apart from it, the teacher also contributes to society by giving talks, works as an election officer, census officer, coordinate activities at schools, etc.. 


A few of these skills, such as writing articles/ conduct research, testing software, counseling students, giving talks, etc. are essential in today’s corporate world, the only difference being, they are called by different names, such as instructional designer, blogger, parenting coach, trip advisors, affiliate marketers, networking agents, product influencers, keynote speakers, creative directors, artisans, etc.

This website is dedicated to the Community of Teachers, who wish to earn a  decent passive income, by mastering a few of these techniques.


To understand the opportunities for the Teaching Community in digital world, we need to have an: