A good parent is a great counselor. Parents can counsel their children more effectively than others, while teachers play a greater role in academic counseling. The art of counseling a child is more effective if the counselor is a good listener. Through active listening, rapport is built, trust forms and the speaker feels heard and understood by the counselor or listener. Most importantly, one should not be biased, offer advice, judge a person while counseling. Questions can be asked by the counselor only to clarify their understanding. Every one of us does counseling in the school for our students. We may not be discussing their personal problems, while the focus will be on academic issues. 

An officially discussed forum of counseling with parents and children is the Parents -Teacher’s Meet (PTMs), where we counsel the children to improve on their weak points. We get a chance to have a one-on-one meeting to discuss the child’s difficulties in learning (innate abilities of a child) and offer solutions in having extra classes and recommending relevant study material (textbooks, videos, etc.), and rectifying their mistakes in their exams. Thus, Counseling is a corrective measure of a child’s mental abilities after facing a problem. 

We counsel the children in the classroom by providing bits of information (in the form of images, music, videos, roleplay, etc.) and hence capture their attention to listen to us. Despite all these counseling efforts, we have observed some children cannot come out of their innate abilities and may fail academically. 

Multiple Intelligence's Theory:

Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor at Harvard School of Psychology, outlines in his theory of Multiple Intelligence that every individual will have different intelligence types. While a person might be particularly strong in a specific area, such as musical intelligence, they most likely possess a range of abilities. For example, an individual might be strong in verbal, musical, and naturalistic intelligence. 


When Anu Ahher (32), a banker based out of Chandigarh, had a son six months back, the first thing she did was to do his “Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Testing” (DMIT) or fingerprint analysis. Ahher and her electrical engineer hubby zeroed in on an expert and spent Rs 5,000 to find their six-month-old child’s innate qualities through his fingerprints. Ahher is not alone. Several parents across India find out their child’s innate qualities much before he or even starts talking. Doctors say that DMIT testing is medical palmistry that provides scientific evidence for a child’s innate abilities.

Dermatoglyphics Analysis:

A dermatoglyphic analysis is the study of ridge patterns on the skin. These patterns are unique for each individual. The formation and amount of ridges on each finger’s fingerprints are said to represent different abilities, and each pattern has its own definition. A person’s fingerprints are formed in phases as a fetus grows in the womb. These ridges are formed completely by the time a fetus is 6 months old. These patterns are categorized into three main types whorls-shaped, arch-shaped, and loop-shaped, which are further subdivided into 11 basic types based on which child’s inborn positives and hence limitations are derived. 

Fingerprints of all the fingers of a child are taken, followed by manual counting of ridges, and then a detailed analysis is done with the help of software.  Based on the assessment, parents are given a report which includes positives and limitations, perspective and reflex sensitivity, innate personalities, and characteristics like IQ, EQ, preferred learning style, and career options.

How do we as teacher's pitch in this business?

We can conduct a DMIT test in our schools, our communities, tuition centers for children at a nominal fee.

To conduct this test, we need a fingerprint scanner and a software scanner. I had a few friends who had invested in this venture, and I also found the same from Amazon. The cost of this software + the fingerprint scanning machine is available at Rs. 30,000/=, and you can generate any number of reports for a lifetime. The vendor’s team will help you install this software and understand the generated reports initially.  Though it looks good initially, the team’s support ends as soon as the first installation gets over, and for the people to trust us, we should have been certified by DMIT, which many of us may not have it currently. Counseling is not just delivering reports but helping people by interpreting it appropriately. I would like to introduce you to one of the DMIT analysis centers, wherein both the above-mentioned problems are taken care of. They offer both support and training to set up your own brain mapping center. The cost is again 25,000 + GST = 29,500 Rupees. In addition to it, you will become an affiliate of their platform, and for every sale that you do, you get an additional 10% as an incentive. 


Benefits of Collaborating with Get Set Go portal:

  1. You will also get access to an Independent dashboard for lead management
  2. You will be trained on Marketing and understanding the technical know-how of the software/courses that you promote from their portal
  3. You will be awarded a certificate for counseling so that you can identify an individual based on:
    1. Their inborn talent
    2. Thinking style
    3. Learning style and
    4. DOPE analysis

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