Force / Field derivation comparisons:

A field is a physical quantity, that represents the influence of the entity creating the field. The field varies for each point in space and time. But it is also observed, that certain fields have similarities in their properties. 

Here I will be showing the similarities in the forces/field values for different topologies of conductors between four fields (Gravitational, Electrostatic, Magnetic and Electromagnetic forces). Go through each derivation , try it yourself with a paper and pen, get convinced. 

This approach will help you learn physics by comparisons and will also help you to understand the differences in the approaches we use in derivations for different fields. Visit my website for more such problems. It is totally free for all. This website has 3000 problems arranged in the form of MCQs

1. Comparing the forces in fields:

Force between two objects is discussed in below in this slide. 

1. In Gravitational field, the force between two masses are considered

2. In Electrostatic field, the force between two charges are considered

3. In Magnetic field, the force between two magnets are considered

4. In an Electromagnetic field, the force between two current carrying conductors are considered

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