We, Teachers, do amazing things with our students despite the standards-based and accountability-driven movements. I have learned about many exciting learning activities from educators who publicize their great projects via social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs. Some educators have global collaborations with teachers from other schools and find interesting ways, to showcase technology-led education, which can be integrated into the classroom. Thus, there is ample evidence as to how teachers are good at promoting ourselves.  


 Content is the king,” as quoted by Bill Gates, is such a profound statement that any product cannot be explained or promoted without content. Teachers have a great way of expressing themselves. They are great actors/actresses and don’t really need a pre-written script to enact on the stage. We are good communicators and can talk/create content about any product we use on the fly. Let me show you some video content that is user engaging (good content) and highly confusing (bad content) by the below video 

Good vs Bad content

 This is my own call to action for educators to promote educational products (books, charts, experimental kits, classroom furniture, educational websites, coaching institutes, simulation software, etc.) to others by writing engaging content, as to how they are using it in their classrooms or day to day activities. This method of promoting products is known as Affiliate Marketing. The utility of these products can be described by a story and product promotion by this approach is known as Influencer Marketing

In the below section, I am depicting a few digital products, that can be promoted by teachers by writing relevant content about it. Click on these links and become an affiliate for these products. Most of the products described below just needs a registration and no payment. Click on the register button to register yourself as an affiliate. To know more about the process of becoming an affiliate, click on the Details button. Also remember, Affiliate / influencer marketing is not just introducing a person to the network. The value to the product only comes from what you write about the product.


Promote these products:

namecheap offers domains for website designing at a very low cost. The affiliate commission is 20% .

Hosting your domain

Domainracer offers cheap hosting services and the hosting cost / year is INR 720/=. The affiliate commission varies from 30% to 70% depending on the number of registrations that happens in a month. 


Groovefunnels is a suite of softwares used in digital marketing. The cost of this product is 1.06 Lakhs. The affiliate commission is 20% for registered users and 40% for paid users. 

Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker is a Video making softwares used in digital marketing. One can do engaging video using this software and it is worth its cost. The cost of this product is $49 (3,700/=) for lifetime. The advantage of this software is , you can create and sell videos for others and earn money, which no software does it. This is a worthwhile option to begin with a business.