Sales funnel is a customer’s journey from identifying the product to its purchase.  It is a representation of the customer journey from the buyer’s perspective. Each stage of the sales funnels shows the prospect’s behavior to become a lead candidate and help achieve a conversion. 

The sales funnel can be used to understand the Stage-by-stage efficiency of a lead. Understanding your funnel helps you find the missing links in the funnel and optimize the design. 

Sales funnel

A visitor lands into your website through a google search or social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. He/She is now your prospect. The visitor might check out some of your blogs and leave the page. The sales funnel should be effectively designed so that the prospect is void of getting distracted from other links. At some point, you offer him or her a chance to sign up for your email list. If the visitor fills out your form, they become a lead, and you can contact the lead for promoting other products.

Leads tend to come back to your website when you contact them with special offers, information about new blog posts, or other intriguing messages. The sales funnel narrows as visitors move through it, and at the end of the funnel, all the leads buy your products, leading to conversions. Thus, this is an automated process that draws customers and puts the business into autopilot.    The successful design of a sales funnel helps in:   

  • Optimizing the Customer acquisition cost
  • Increasing the Conversion rate
  • Creating Awareness of your product by interactive means
  • Understanding the problems of the customers visiting your funnel
  • Educating the leads about your products by cold calling methods
  • Engaging the leads by offering them tips and tricks
  • Leading to effective conversions

Thus, the marketing pipeline is a structured process and should be designed carefully, step by step progression of prospects from one end to the other.

One such cloud based sales funnel is by Groovefunnels. In addition to several sales funnel templates,  they also offer support to other types of marketing,  like automated email marketing, Facebook bot marketing,  cart designing, landing pages, opt-in pages, thank you pages, etc. . Currently this software has rolled out its promotional offer by giving out a few of its modules as FREEBIES as summarized below:. You can also earn a 20% commission, if someone purchases from your link. If you have purchased it and then promoting it, you get a 40% commission on it. So , with two sales, you can recover the full amount. Is this not worth exploring. 

A detailed comparison of all the softwares used in digital marketing and the costs involved in these softwares is shown below:

It is a suite of all the software for those who are interested in beginning a digital marketing agency. This software is currently in beta mode and hence available as a perpetual/lifetime license for a limited time. If you register now, you also get an opportunity to design three sales funnels FREE for a lifetime. 

One more software that supports the design of salesfunnels is click funnels. This software is available in both monthly and yearly plans and has proven to be effective for many businesses. .For someone who wishes to test this software for a while before beginning this business, you can also avail a 14 day trail period before purchasing it


Listen to Mike Filsaime, who praises about clickfunnels, though he is the co-founder of Groovefunnels. But also note, how he appraises Groovefunnels as compared to other softwares in the market.