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Dear Parents!

Do you know Inborn talent of your Child?
If Yes, Are you following Scientific approach for development of it?
Would you like to learn the scientific way to develop it? It's time to develop your child scientifically at early age!!

To know more about it, Enroll in our FREE webinar by our Renowned NLP specialist

This Webinar should help you in:

  • Identifying your child’s inborn talent
  • Engage your child in creative activities, which will enhance his/her talent
  • Make your child a quick learner and a better student
  • Improve your child’s Dynamic IQ, Decision Making Ability, creativity, Mindset, Learning abilities, communication, confidence, writing and reading skills.



  • 5th November 2020,  Thursday
  • 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm , IST

Zoom link:

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